Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ubuntu Desktops

The holiday shopping season has officially kicked off and if you don’t want to get caught in all the holiday shopping madness that happen each year, then you should start finalizing your shopping list as soon as you can. Write down the names of the people that you plan to buy a gift for. If you’re still not sure about what to buy, you can refer to the different holiday gift guides that are posted online. Holiday gift guides are a great source of ideas about the latest gift items that are available today. They offer a wide selection of gifts that are a great fit for anyone on your list. These guides often include the latest toys and educational materials for children and for the techies and gadget lovers on your list, the latest smartphones, Ubuntu Desktops, tablets and digital cameras. Once you have decided on the most suitable gifts for everyone on your list, you can start looking for the best store that offers them. If you plan to shop for them online, you can take the time to find out which store offers the best deal. If, for instance, you plan to buy an iPod for your teenage nephew and a tablet for your mom, then you may consider looking for a store that offers them on a ‘bundle’. You may be able to get huge savings if you avail of special offers such as those.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Remove "Home" Under Blog Posts in Blogger

Have you ever wonder how to remove "Home" under your blog posts in Blogger? Here's how it works!
- Log in to your Blogger account.

- Click the blue "Design" link in the menu section under the title of the blog from which you want to remove the "Home" link on posts.

-  Click the "Template Designer" link under the top navigation bar

- Select "Advanced" in the left-hand menu of the Blogger Template Designer in the top half of the page.

- Scroll to the bottom of the Advanced context menu; then click "Add CSS."

-  Paste the following code into the "Add Custom CSS" input field:
 blog-pager {

- Click "Apply to Blog" in the top right-hand corner of the page. This allows you to remove the "Home" link under blog posts on your Blogger blog.